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Lacrosse Skills Clinic - Throughout the clinic session, players will be learning proper shooting form, running through stick work and footwork drills, taking over 200 shots, gaining valuable positional work and improving their overall lacrosse IQ.


Speed & Agility Clinic - This session will help each player improve their coordination, speed and power through footwork, hurdle, sprints and agility drills. It is the one facet of lacrosse training that can separate one player from the other.  


Box Lacrosse - Playing in tight space increases stick skills and shooting on a smaller goal helps players develop into more efficient goal scorers and creates better defensive players because everyone needs to play defense and all shorts sticks requires quicker footwork. Full body checking will not be allowed as this league is for development and training purposes. Goalies for the box league will play at no charge, please email us before registering.