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At Home Workout

To All Bulldogs Players - We hope all are hunkered down at home with your families.  

Here’s what you should be doing to keep you bodies ready when this crisis is over and we can get back to the field:

1.  Run- find a safe place to run, do some 1-2 mile runs and quick, short suicides.

2.  Burpees burps and more burpees.

3. Use your body to do natural push-ups, push-pull exercises. 

4.  Eat and hydrate properly .

5.  Get proper sleep.

6. Stay on top of your school work . 

7.  Work on your stick and shooting skills. 

8. Be respectful of your parents! 

Go Bulldogs!

2020 PLL Season

The game schedule has now been posted on the PLL website:

Please note that the schedule is subject to change given the ongoing health concerns and restrictions associated with the COVID-19 virus. We are in daily contact with the other directors of the PLL and will keep you updated as information becomes available.

The game schedule will be posted in Sports Engine within the next 2 weeks.

2020 Summer Youth Tournaments Announced

Trilogy - July 18/19

Bulldog Brawl - July 21/22

Legacy (YOUTH) - July 29/30

Lake George - August 1/2

Custom ISlides!!

We are offering custom RI Bulldogs slides again!  Click below to visit our store.

Custom RI Bulldogs Gear Bag

We have partnered with LaxGear to make customized boys and girls lacrosse bags.  

These bags offer different compartments to keep all of their gear separate and organized!  They can also be personalized with your players name and number at an additional cost. They offer multiple shipping options and the bags will be shipped directly to you.  

Click on the image to order 
Pass code to get in: ribulldogs

Lacrosse Gear

We have partnered with Signature Lacrosse!

Click on the  image below to see what they have to offer.

Enter code - bulldogs10

2020 Summer High School Tournaments Announced

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:00pm - 8:30pm

2023 Team:
Primetime Shootout July 23/24
Trilogy July 18/19
Bulldog Brawl July 21/22

2022 Black:
NLF July 17/18/19
Bulldog Brawl July 21/22
Legacy (HS) July 27/28

2022 Green:
Bulldog Brawl July 21/22
Primetime Shootout July 23/24
Trilogy July 18/19

2021 White:
Trilogy July 18/19
Bulldog Brawl July 21/22
Legacy (HS) July 27/28

2021 Silver:
Bulldog Brawl July 21/22
Primetime Shootout July 23/24
Trilogy July 18/19


2019 RI Bulldogs Championship Winners!

2024 Fall Brawl Champions!

RI Bulldogs 2024

Congratulations on a great closeout to the fall season!  Let's use this to prepare for our spring and summer seasons!  We are very proud of these boys and appreciate our parents who entrust their boys to us!!


- Coach OD

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